Who needs a Grading?

• Any member wishing to compete in a Closed, Zone or State event.Georgie and Stella
• Existing member with a new mount.
• Existing members with sufficient points to upgrade and who have shown competency at their current grade.

Grading system for PCA is as follows:

A Grade  Minimum   1.05m height by 1.5m spread.
B Grade  Minimum    0.9m height and 1.2m spread.
C Grade  Minimum    0.75m height and 0.9m spread.
D Grade  Minimum    0.6m height and 0.75m spread.
E Grade  Minimum    0.45m height and 0.5m spread.

On grading day rider will be asked to complete 2 - 3 rounds starting at min height and finishing at max height.

What do I need?

  • Zone Card or showjumping history to show to senior instructor (SI).
  • Zone and performance cards are required to be shown at all competitions (available through Club Secretary)
  •  Placings shall be recorded and cards signed by officials.
  •  If no history the horse and rider combination needs to begin at E Grade and progress through grades on merit (on grading days).


Showjumping is judged on highest or fastest depending on the competition (note in E & D grades optimum time is required rather than straight out speed).Sam and Banjo, area 1 showjumping

Closed Show Jumping.

All graded members are encouraged to compete at the Club closed SJ event.
Members must have completed at least 3 rally days in the current calendar year (as a combination) in order to be eligible to compete.

Riders who place in competition may want to consider competing at the Zone SJ event, and if interested, need to consult the Senior Instructor.

Zone Show Jumping.

In order to compete you must either place at the club closed SJ or show competence as determined by the SI.

State ShowJumping.

Under 13 yrs must be at A or B grade level.
13yrs and under 15yrs must be at A grade level.
15yrs and under 25 yrs must be A grade to Championship level (over 1.2m).
Selection by Zone Chief Instructor (ZCI).

Area 1 Show Jumping.

Competition within Area 1 (i.e. zones 1, 10, 19, 22, 23 & 26).

E to A grade teams, associate C and D grades, selected on results of zone SJ.

Show Jumping Equitation.

A system of correct riding technique with emphasis placed on coordination and training of both horse and rider, which must be carried out in the safest most effective manner.
The rider is judged on position, seat, eyes, hand and leg etc.

Maximum Heights:
Under 13yrs is 0.75m
13 and under 15yrs is 0.85m
15 and under 17yrs is 0.9m
17 to under 25yrs is 1.0m


Dressage competitions are divided into the following age groups.Copabella Musical Ride

Under 13 years.
13 and under 15 years.
15 and under 17 years.
Associate 17 and under 25 years.

Closed and Zone competitions are held and again the rule of three rally days on your mount apply to both competitions (if you would like to compete at Zone you need to apply to the Senior Instructor.)

If you place at Zone and want to consider competing at State levels you need to be scoring in the high 50’s or 60’s to be eligible. You need a copy of two tests, which are the same as State requirements.  If you are interested in dressage it may be a good idea to look at some of the outside competitions as well (Warringah dressage etc.)

The dressage tests for each age group are decided by PCA each year, and used in the Zone and State Competitions.

The dressage tests are to be learned by memory for Zone and State levels. (ie No callers)

Remember one horse one rider in all competitions.


Sporting is generally held early in the year. To be considered for State level you must have recorded the following times on your grading cards.

Flag race  under 12           47 seconds
                Other ages         44 seconds
Bending   all ages              12 seconds
Barrel race   all ages          21 seconds
Bonfield Bounce all ages   35 seconds (must be within these times)

You must also have attended Zone Sporting.

One-Day Event.

One day events include; dressage, cross country, and showjumping competitions. The accumulation of the scores of these three tests decides the winners.
All club, Zone and inter Zone One-day events are to be run in grades.

State championship age group and eligibility is as follows;                            
12 and under 15 years (novice)………..C grade
13 and under 15 years (advanced)………..B grade
15 and under 17 years (novice)………..B grade
15 and under 17 years (advanced)………..A grade
17 and under 25 years (novice)………..A grade
17 and under 25 years (advanced)………..championship grade


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