Rally Days/ Guidelines

Rally Day Overview

Rally days are held on the first and third Sydney of each month during school term time. There are no rally days during the school holiday periods.

In addition, members have numerous opportunities to compete in closed and open competitions. A closed competition means an intra club competition, where as an open competition is inter club.

Each rally day begins with compulsory gear check for horse and rider outside the clubhouse at 9:15 am, for 9:30am (prompt) start, 11am morning tea, and approx 1pm finish. Riders are to be in correct club uniform, horse and gear are to be clean and horses hooves are to be oiled. No one is to ride on the club grounds before being gear checked.

Rally day

Rally days usually offer riders a range of activities and learning experiences. Riders are expected to take part in all activities wherever possible. Some rally days will be devoted to one particular discipline such as a dressage competition. Only one other activity may be offered on these special days. Such days are noted in the club calender.
Members are designated points for attendance and overall appearance. 

Rally Days include instruction in the following disciplines:

• Showjumping
• Showjumping Equitation
• Sporting and Mounted Games
• Dressage
• Cross-Country [eventing]
• Horsemanship

We have a strong commitment to the completion of the Pony Club proficiency certificates.
Our instructors provide basic flatwork, sporting and jumping skills to the riders with attention to safety and horsemanship in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Pony Club Instructors ARE NOT professional instructors, but parents with some riding knowledge and who have progressed through official PCA training.
Under the rules of the PCA to attend zone and state competitions, a member must attend 3 instructional rally days in the 12 months prior to the event. These must be instructional days and attendance at schools, zone/state events, or grading days do not count toward rally days.


Jamboree 2010

For safety reasons no one is to get on a horse without a helmet and because of Pony Club insurance only members are permitted to ride.

Adults are not permitted to ride on rally days unless at lunch time or before and after pony club but only with the permission of the chief instructor or executive member.

Children are not permitted to go off riding on their own either before, during or after rally days or at lunch time.

Cross country jumps may only be jumped when an instructor is present.
The Pony Club Movement uses completely voluntary labour. This means that parents usually have to instruct, run the canteen, undertake maintenance tasks and generally help to make things happen. Setting out/packing up the equipment for the days events requires all hands to help. Please do not wait to be asked.


Canteen facilities are available for snacks, drinks and lunch preparation.
Parents are requested to contribute to morning tea on rally days and to offer support running the canteen on competition days to help with club fundraising.

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