Proficiency Certificates

All Pony Club members are eligible to work towards their certificates. The Certificate Co-ordinator is available to give you further information.

Brooke and Anna

The proficiency certificates look at a range of areas associated with horses:

~   Riding skills including jumping.
~   Horsemastership: essential & fascinating info. on horses!
~   General knowledge.

Candidates work through the year, both in their Riding groups and in Horsemastership groups, to learn the skills and knowledge to progress through each of the certificates.

Riders are then assessed on the requirements for that certificate. Successful candidates are rewarded with a certificate and cloth patch to be worn on their shirt or jumper sleeve in recognition of their achievement.
All the requirements for the certificates (at the lower levels) is conducted through activities on Rally Days.

What do I get?

• Syllabus requirements for the certificate you are attemptingMaddie and Markie
• Lots of horsey information (how to fit saddles & bridles, horse feeding, illnesses, shoeing) and riding skills (mounting and dismounting from either side, sitting trot, canter and recognising leading leg, lungeing, jumping).
• Guest speakers
• Fun games and activities as you learn your riding skills.
• Certificate of Achievement
• Cloth patches to show your success!

General Information on Certificates

Test Minimum Age Pre - Requisites:

D min age 7yrs
D GOLD STAR min age 9yrs & D cert
C 12yrs and D
C STAR 14 D & C
K (an alternative to C*) 14 D & C
B 16 D,C & either C* OR K
B (restricted jumping) 16 D,C & either C* OR KH 17 No prerequisites
A 17 D,C,C*or K & also B


Laura Linton

Avondale Pony Club