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Avondale Pony Club fee structure -


Membership Rates - Full Year 1st Jan-31st Dec:

1. Pony Club membership

  • 1st child: $213.50
  • 2nd child: $193.50
  • 3rd child: $163.50
  • Adult non riding parent: $40
  • Adult riding parent: $60
  • Grounds Key: $10 for new members only
  • ** Grounds maintenance bond: $100

Have loads of fun, make great horsey friends and learn about horsemanship. Avondale is a supportive, easy going, nurturing club that welcomes new members of all levels.    

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2. Grounds Use Only:
This is for riders who are not involved with rally days and pony club events but who use the grounds to exercise their horses independently.

  • Per Person: $300
  • NRC members $150
  • Grounds key $10
  • Grounds members pay no grounds use fee when attending clinics

Enjoy access to cross country course, dressage arena and show jump course.

** We ask all members – regular pony club and grounds use only members – to attend two maintenance days throughout the year. These days are traditionally run for a few hours. If members attend the required two maintenance days, they will not pay the bond when renewing next year, or can apply to have the bond refunded if they do not renew the following year.

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3. Instructors - Clinics and Lessons

Instructor charges their own fee
PLUS $25 per horse for grounds use. If there are 5 horses or more in lesson/clinic and charge is $20 per horse
Avondale PC and Ground members don't pay a grounds fee

For more information about grounds membership and usage please contact Fiona Chapman 0414 188 819 

For Ponly Club  contact our Membership Secretary, Jan Wood 0423784706 or email



 The Avondale Pony Club uniform consists of:
Compulsory helmet, which carries the ASA number 3838 or equivalent and is specifically designed for equestrian use. 

Informal for Rally Days, Zone Sporting & Cross-Country phase of ODE:

  • Avondale polo t-shirt (and polar fleece if needed.)
  • Beige jodhpurs
  • Chapettes may be worn on rally days
  • Riding boots (short)
  • Long boots or marching boots and leather gaiters may be worn by Associate members [16 plus]
  • Avondale saddlecloth, green & gold trim with Avondale club patch.

Formal uniform must be worn to Closed and Zone events:

  • Yellow long sleeved shirt (available at Lowes or at Pony Club)
  • Avondale tie
  • Beige jodhpurs
  • Green knitted woollen jumper (v-neck) (purchase or order from Lowes)
  • Long Boots or matching boots and leather gaiters may be worn
  • Riding boots (short)
  • Jodhpur clips or leather gaiters colour to match boots
  • Gloves

State competitions require the Zone uniform, that you may purchase or hire


These guidelines have been written to help the new and existing members become more familiar with our Pony Club.
Covered in these Sundays are 18 rally days as well as numerous opportunities to compete in closed and open competitions. A closed competition means an intra club competition, where as an open competition is inter club.

Maddy at Jamboree

Lunging of horses may be done in the designated area. (near jumping lane)
Any person (child or adult) who is lunging a horse must use a Pony Club approved helmet, enclosed shoes / boots and gloves.
Lunging gear must meet Pony Club requirements.
Rally Days include instruction in the following disciplines:
• Showjumping
• Showjumping Equitation
• Sporting and Mounted Games
• Dressage
• Cross-Country [eventing]
• Horsemanship

We have a strong commitment to the completion of the Pony Club proficiency certificates.
Our instructors provide basic flatwork, sporting and jumping skills to the riders with attention to safety and horsemanship in a fun and enjoyable environment.
Pony Club Instructors ARE NOT professional instructors, but parents with some riding knowledge and who have progressed through official PCA training.

Avondale Pony Club