Grounds Members

ski jumpsAvondale Grounds Membership:
This is for riders who are not involved with rally days and pony club events but who use the grounds to exercise their horses independently.

  • Per Person $300
  • NRC members $150
  • Grounds members pay no grounds use fee when attending clinics

NB: Grounds can be accessed by non-members via bookings with club secretary on all non rally or competition days. Rally days are 1st and 3rd Sunday, some competitions are held on other Sundays.  

You will receive a key to the grounds (deposit required).

To use the grounds you must have EA  membership - for insurance cover. Membership form

Please contact Fiona Chapman on 0414 188 819 or via for grounds membeship and grounds bookings.

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Belle Howard

Instructors - Clinics and Lessons

Instructor charges their own fee
PLUS $25 per horse for grounds use. If there are 5 horses or more in lesson/clinic and charge is $20 per horse

  • Avondale PC and Ground members don't pay a grounds fee

For more information about grounds membersship and usage please contact Fiona Chapman on 0414 188 819 

House Rules

  • Children under 16 must have a parent/guardian present.
  • Each member is responsible for spreading their horse’s manure – no matter where or when they manured.
  • In the driveway, cars without floats give way to cars with floats.
  • Horses may only be tied to floats that have a vehicle attached.
  • The gate must be shut at all times (please do not let children swing on it).
  • Dogs must be on leads when people are riding.

Thank you for your co-operation and support.

Avondale Pony Club